Risk Management

Life Insurance

What sort of analysis was done to determine if you have a need for life insurance? If not a need, is there an opportunity to utilize the tax benefits associated with a life insurance policy? When was the last time you audited your life insurance policy to see if it is still performing as originally designed? Life insurance can come in many different shapes and sizes. We utilize an extensive list of highly-rate carriers to ensure our clients end up with the coverage and protection they want. 

Disability Insurance

Is your income protected if you are unable to work? Your ability to make a living is in many cases your single most valuable asset. Let's review your options.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Should you consider long-term care insurance? What assets will you liquidate to cover a potential need? Do you have enough to self-insure? The cost of aging continues to increase – some reports say it's rising even faster than inflation – while the insurance solution marketplace appears to become more and more complex. 

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